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LabArchives Advanced Features Demo

October 20, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
LabArchives representative

Join a demo on "Advanced Features" in LabArchives ERN, October 20 @ 2pm.
Once you've spent some time working in LabArchives, you may be interested in learning more advanced features to maximize efficiency and integrate with other software tools. In this demo, we'll cover how to make Widgets, set up Templates, use the Mobile app, and set-up integrations with Microsoft Office, SnapGene, and GraphPad.

Register to attend the demo:

**Note that the registration link will NOT work with Internet Explorer, please use a different browser**

Tues, Oct 20 | 2pm-3pm (3-3:30pm optional for additional Q&A)

If you are new to the LabArchives electronic research notebook, visit to learn more Duke's supported ERN and contact us ( or ( to set up an introductory demo.