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Sustaining Equity, Elevating Diversity in Surgery (SEEDS) is a longitudinal investment in the current and prospective faculty, trainees, and staff of the Section of Surgical Disciplines. The overarching goal of SEEDS is to enact real and actionable change, creating and fostering a culture that authentically supports and prospers all members of the Section.

SEEDS encompasses all diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the Section of Surgical Disciplines, as well as initiatives across seven focus areas: Education, Environment, Leadership, Professional Development, Promotion & Retention, Recruitment, Research & Innovation, and Outreach.

SEEDS was created in partnership with the Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan, whose “Michigan Promise” initiative serves as a powerful and effective model.

This model builds on the foundation created by the Section's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, formed in 2017 to promote best practices, facilitate data sharing and equity analyses, and support advocacy for change.


SEEDS Areas of Focus
Areas of Focus

SEEDS comprises seven distinct areas of focus: environment, recruitment, professional development, education, leadership, research & innovation, and outreach.

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SEEDS Initiative
Our Initiatives

Working groups within each focus area of SEEDS cultivate a growing list of defined and evolving initiatives that aim to fulfill overarching goals.

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SEEDS Get Involved
Get Involved

Learn how to get involved in the efforts of SEEDS, such as joining a focus area working group or becoming a member of the steering committee to track progress and provide support.

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides coordination as well as concept support, resource support, and financial support for the SEEDS Initiative. Our role is assisting the development of an integrated DEI plan for each department, division and office within the Section.

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View more helpful resources for students, faculty, and staff about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Duke University.

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Mark your calendars—see what upcoming diversity and inclusion events and opportunities are happening on campus.

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Executive Triad


Faculty Leadership
Kunoor Jain-Spangler, MD


Samoylova photo
Resident Leadership
Mariya Samoylova, MD

Keels photo
Administrative Leadership
Pamela Keels, MBA