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Leadership Development

One of our missions is to promote virtuous professional development, collaboration, and leadership. This is done through explicit activities and endeavors based on the core values/virtues of Initiative, Integrity, Self-Discipline, Compassion, and Accountability. Some examples of activities throughout the year include Leadership Journal Club, Faculty Mentoring, Leadership “Basic Training,” and Leadership Thought of the Day. We also invite national and international experts in our field to share their leadership experiences and challenges. In addition, we strive to promote virtuous professional development, collaboration, and leadership through Leadership Lived Out© (LLO). LLO is a year-long leadership development program that is designed to improve patient care through bringing about personal and cultural change. This was developed within our division and involves aspects of inter-professional collaboration, 360 peer evaluations and personal coaching. LLO is supported by the division and through the generous giving of grateful patients.