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Resident Experience

Duke Urology residents are a close group, and we enjoy making the most of our time together. Some of the activities we enjoy as part of the program include:

  • Movember at Duke Urology: Our team of residents spearheads Duke’s commitment to this important month in November both to raise men’s health awareness as well as raise substantial donations for the cause. We engage local businesses, bars, and restaurants and host many events including a Movember kickoff party, 5k fun run and chili cook-off with top local chefs, Duke Basketball tailgate party and more. These are truly events that we look forward to every year!
  • Duke Urology Retreat: 2017 was the inaugural year for a full-day retreat attended by all residents and faculty in the Division of Urology to foster an environment of teamwork, leadership, and healthy communication. This event is something that we take very seriously and shut down all clinics and ORs to participate in. This teambuilding strategy, which is used by many Fortune 500 companies, has proven to be extremely valuable. Our relationship with the leadership and team-building coaches who run the course is ongoing and has resulted in noticeable improvement in our work environment. We are excited for this ongoing part of our culture.
  • Journal Club: In keeping with the importance of our excellent group dynamic, we made the decision to take our monthly journal club as another opportunity to strengthen relationships within the division. Each month, a different faculty member graciously welcomes us into his or her home for dinner and drinks and to discuss the current urologic literature. These events are a great chance for trainees and faculty to get to know each other outside of the hospital
  • Pre-Interview Dinners: Our team of residents really look forward to getting to know our residency applicants during these events, as well as giving them a good taste of living in Durham. Typically hosted at a resident’s house, we take this opportunity to share some local NC food and drink, relax, and chat around a bonfire.  
  • Chief’s Dinner: The pinnacle event of each academic year, the annual Graduation Dinner is a memorable black tie event hosted at beautiful Hope Valley Country Club in Durham. This swanky (but not stuffy!) event is our opportunity to take time out to appreciate our chief residents, fellows, nurses, and other staff for their amazing contributions to our team. It is also a time that we honor a select faculty member for outstanding teaching. Most importantly, it’s a great party and a time to be together and celebrate how much we enjoy working together.
  • Preminger Lake House Party: Every summer, our Chairman and his wife, Drs. Glenn and Jodi Preminger, invite the entire Division of Urology and their families to their beautiful lake house on Lake Gaston for a day of swimming, boating, and barbecuing together. Less like a “company picnic” and more like a family get-together, this is yet another example of how we value opportunities to get to know each other and form bonds that make us such a strong team.
  • Trainee Welcome Reception: Drs. Glenn and Jodi Preminger host an annual welcome reception for new residents and fellows at their lovely home in Chapel Hill. Get to know the new guys/gals at an outdoor cocktail hour in the neighborhood gardens before enjoying a delicious meal together while admiring Dr. P’s impressive collection of armadillo art.
  • March Madness: It may come as a surprise, but we get a little excited about the NCAA championship basketball here at Duke. The Division of Urology has an annual March Madness Bracket Challenge that all are welcome and encouraged to participate in!

To learn more about the Duke Urology Residency Program and to hear what current Residents have to say about their experiences here, watch these videos:

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Life in Durham

We think you’ll find everything you need for an enriching life and training experience in and around Durham, North Carolina — our home. It combines the best of a big city and a small town: the people are friendly, there’s plenty job opportunities and things to do, and it’s affordable. See what Durham has to offer.