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Get to Know Our Faculty and Residents

Learn more about the amazing people of Duke Emergency Medicine.

2020 Resident Spotlight: Dr. Lauren Coaxum

On why Dr. Coaxum chose Duke, "I chose Duke Emergency Medicine because it fit everything I was looking for in a residency program. When I first got here, I remember stepping off the plane and just feeling like Durham felt like home."

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2020 Resident Spotlight: Dr. Jessica Robertson

On the culture of the residency program, Dr. Robertson says "The program culture at Duke is very resident focused. We are a very close-knit group of residents and faculty who are all focused on providing a really high level of care but also learning from each other and really supporting each other through the whole process."

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2020 Resident Spotlight: Dr. Angel Guerrero

On why Dr. Guerrero chose Duke, "Duke was extremely accommodating with the couple's match process. My wife is a pediatrics resident here. Both programs went out of their way to coordinate our interviews and make sure that we both had excellent experiences through the interview process."

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2020 Resident Spotlight: Dr. Kami Arulraja

DOn what Duke Emergency Medicine is like as a resident, Dr. Arulraja says, "As a resident, Duke has lived up to its expectations and more with respect to education, wellness, and opportunities for growth, which were my main criteria when choosing a residency."

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Anjni P. Joiner

Dr. Joiner is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine. On why Dr. Joiner chose Duke, "The main reasons I chose Duke were for the people and for the supportive learning environment. I also found the faculty incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. It seemed like a close-knit family. I think that still holds true today."

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