This clerkship is designed for students who are planning a career outside of urology but would like to learn more about the genitourinary system and the role of the urologist in managing common problems with the urinary and genital system.

Students may choose exposure to general urology, giving them the opportunity to experience the complete realm of urology including diagnosis, non-operative management, surgical treatment, and postoperative care of adult and pediatric patients. Students will be exposed to endoscopic, laparoscopic, oncologic, and reconstructive adult and pediatric surgery.

Alternatively, students may select a specific area of urology as it relates to their interest. This option, however, requires faculty approval and must be organized in advance.

In both cases, students will have personal interaction with the faculty in clinics, operating rooms, rounds, and teaching conferences. Students will be involved in direct patient care with the house staff while following patients during their pre-, intra-, and post-operative course. 

Students selecting this elective are not responsible for at-home call. Students are required to attend all conferences but are not responsible for conference presentations.

This experience is available for four or eight credits.

Participating Faculty