Michael E. Lipkin, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery
Chief of the Clinic in the Department of Surgery
Department / Division:
Surgery / Urology
DUMC 3167
Durham, NC 27710
Appointment Telephone:
919-681-5506, 919-684-2446
Office Telephone:
  • MD, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey–New Jersey Medical School, 2003
  • Urology, New York University Medical Center, 2009
  • Endourology (Kidney Stones), Laparoscopy, and Robotics, Duke University Medical Center, 2011
Clinical Interests:
Medical and surgical management of kidney stone disease, minimally invasive urologic surgery, endoscopic management of urinary tract obstruction, robotic and laparoscopic urologic surgery
Representative Publications:
  • Goldsmith, ZG; Astroza, GM; Wang, AJ; Simmons, WN; Iqbal, MW; Lipkin, ME; Preminger, GM; Ferrandino, MN. Optical performance comparison of deflectable laparoscopes for laparoendoscopic single-site surgery. Journal of Endourology. 2012;26:1340-1345.  Abstract
  • Goldsmith, ZG; Lipkin, ME. When (and how) to surgically treat asymptomatic renal stones. Nature Reviews Urology. 2012;9:315-320.  Abstract
  • Lipkin, ME; Mancini, JG; Toncheva, G; Wang, AJ; Anderson-Evans, C; Simmons, WN; Ferrandino, MN; Yoshizumi, TT; Preminger, GM. Organ-specific radiation dose rates and effective dose rates during percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Journal of Endourology. 2012;26:439-443.  Abstract
  • Lipkin, ME; Preminger, GM. Risk reduction strategy for radiation exposure during percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Current Opinion in Urology. 2012;22:139-143.  Abstract
  • Lipkin, ME; Wang, AJ; Toncheva, G; Ferrandino, MN; Yoshizumi, TT; Preminger, GM. Determination of patient radiation dose during ureteroscopic treatment of urolithiasis using a validated model. The Journal of Urology. 2012;187:920-924.  Abstract
  • Lipkin, ME; Mancini, JG; Simmons, WN; Raymundo, ME; Yong, DZ; Wang, AJ; Ferrandino, MN; Albala, DM; Preminger, GM. Pathologic evaluation of hemostatic agents in percutaneous nephrolithotomy tracts in a porcine model. Journal of Endourology. 2011;25:1353-1357.  Abstract
  • Lipkin, ME; Mancini, JG; Zilberman, DE; Raymundo, ME; Yong, D; Ferrandino, MN; Miller, MJ; Yoshizumi, TT; Preminger, GM. Reduced radiation exposure with the use of an air retrograde pyelogram during fluoroscopic access for percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Journal of Endourology. 2011;25:563-567.  Abstract
  • Lipkin, ME; Preminger, GM. Demystifying the medical management of nephrolithiasis. 2011;13:34-38.  Abstract
  • Raymundo, EM; Lipkin, ME; Bañez, LB; Mancini, JG; Zilberman, DE; Preminger, GM; Inman, BA. Third prize: the role of endoscopic nephron-sparing surgery in the management of upper tract urothelial carcinoma. Journal of Endourology. 2011;25:377-384.  Abstract
  • Yong, DZ; Lipkin, ME; Simmons, WN; Sankin, G; Albala, DM; Zhong, P; Preminger, GM. Optimization of treatment strategy used during shockwave lithotripsy to maximize stone fragmentation efficiency. Journal of Endourology. 2011;25:1507-1511.  Abstract
  • Zilberman, DE; Lipkin, ME; Ferrandino, MN; Simmons, WN; Mancini, JG; Raymundo, ME; Zhong, P; Preminger, GM. The digital flexible ureteroscope: in vitro assessment of optical characteristics. Journal of Endourology. 2011;25:519-522.  Abstract
  • Zilberman, DE; Tsivian, M; Lipkin, ME; Ferrandino, MN; Frush, DP; Paulson, EK; Preminger, GM. Low dose computerized tomography for detection of urolithiasis--its effectiveness in the setting of the urology clinic. The Journal of Urology. 2011;185:910-914.  Abstract
  • Zilberman, DE; Ferrandino, MN; Preminger, GM; Paulson, EK; Lipkin, ME; Boll, DT. In vivo determination of urinary stone composition using dual energy computerized tomography with advanced post-acquisition processing. The Journal of Urology. 2010;184:2354-2359.  Abstract
  • Zilberman, DE; Lipkin, ME; de la Rosette, JJ; Ferrandino, MN; Mamoulakis, C; Laguna, MP; Preminger, GM. Tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy--the new standard of care?. The Journal of Urology. 2010;184:1261-1266.  Abstract