Smita Kesavan Nair, PhD



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Associate Professor of Surgery
Associate Professor in Pathology
Department / Division:
Surgery / Surgical Sciences
Room 1077, Msrb-2
106 Research Drive
Durham, NC 27710
Office Telephone:
(919) 681-2180
  • PhD, UniversityTennessee Knoxville*, 1993
Research Interests:

I have 22 years of experience in the field of cancer vaccines and immunotherapy and I am an accomplished T cell immunologist. I started working with dendritic cells during my PhD training at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in the laboratory of Dr. Barry Rouse. My doctoral research involved various aspects of antigen processing and presentation, in particular the role of dendritic cells as specialized antigen presenting cells, with emphasis on Herpes simplex virus. I joined Dr. Eli Gilboa’s lab at Duke University Medical Center in 1993 and worked as a post-doc for 3 years prior to becoming independent at Duke. The current emphasis of my research program is the development of a multipronged approach for cancer therapy. Our long-term goals are to: (1) evaluate the combined effects of individual strategies; (2) extend the clinical exploration to multiple cancers; and (3) combine immunotherapy and immune modulation with targeted cytotoxic therapy (specifically, oncolytic poliovirus).

Dendritic cells transfected with RNA as cancer vaccines: Research Question: Can we develop a novel vaccine strategy that is translatable and broadly applicable to all cancer patients, including patients with low tumor burden? Summary: We tested the hypotheses that: 1] Immunization with a broad repertoire of  tumor antigens isolated form cancer cells is superior to using defined tumor antigens. 2] Loading antigen on DCs in the form of tumor mRNA is highly effective and provides unique advantages over other forms of tumor antigen, specifically, the ability to amplify the antigenic content of a small number of tumor cells. In a pioneering study, our group demonstrated that dendritic cells loaded with unfractionated total RNA isolated from tumor cells stimulates tumor immunity both in murine tumor models and in in vitro human assays (patent awarded in 1998). A company, Argos Therapeutics was established in Durham, NC to commercialize this approach.

Modulation of immune responses to enhance tumor-specific immunity: Research Question: How can the therapeutic benefit for patients treated with RNA-transfected dendritic cells be improved? Summary: Modulating immune responses by blocking inhibitory immune receptors and activating stimulatory immune receptors on T cells enhances tumor-specific immunity. Systemic administration of antibodies (Abs) targeting inhibitory immune receptors enhanced the stimulation of immune responses in mice. However, clinical use of such Abs is limited by toxicity. We have developed an approach for local modulation of immune responses by delivering RNA encoding immune modulating proteins (Abs or receptor-binding ligands) regionally at the site of T cell activation.

Novel vaccine strategies: Research Question: How do we develop an effective vaccine strategy that is NOT time-, labor- and resource-intensive? Summary: A drawback of dendritic cell-based vaccination is that the process of harvesting, culturing and loading dendritic cells with antigens is time-, labor- and resource-intensive. We have demonstrated an innovative method of vaccination as a proof-of-concept in a study by loading mRNA encoding a tumor antigen onto whole blood cells. This approach circumvents the time-consuming cell culture and leukapheresis required for dendritic cell vaccines and can be completed in 1 to 2 hours instead of 7 to 9 days. 

Oncolytic poliovirus immunotherapy: Research Question: Does regional cytoxicity with oncolytic poliovirus stimulate innate immune events that promote an in situ vaccine effect? Summary: Matthias Gromeier has pioneered an oncolytic poliovirus (OncPV) therapy, PVSRIPO

Representative Publications:
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